Stuff YOU write!

Greeting, fellow Literati!

This is our community. Make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of tea, or coffee, and pour your heart out to me in forms of literature reviews, analysis, or anything that you have written.

I will publish the works you send in, and being a community, we will be open to comments on our (mine and your) work. It doesn’t have to be poetry or pure literature, you may as well pool your sources of inspiration, favorite (and significant) artwork, and even unfinished pieces of writing for others to benefit. Of course, all your contributions will be credited with your name, and you have nothing to worry about your work being stolen.

The process is simple: you find something you like (preferably book-related), you write about it, and then you send it to me at following this format:

  1. The Subject of your email MUST be “Contribution” – or else, I won’t be able to find your submission in a full inbox.
  2. Your submission must follow the pattern : [Your Name], [Country], [Category of work e.g. review, analysis, own work, etc], [Your work]
  3. Hit the SEND button and wait for a few days to see your work published here!

P.S. I will especially mention one contributor each month whose work was admired the most by all us Literatis. Happy Reading/ Writing!


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