A person who finds her sanity in writing; and other than that person, I am a Literati. For those who don’t know who a Literati is, let me tell you: if you are here on this blog, or holding a book in your hand (or an e-book in your phone), or read like you breathe, you are a Literati, too..

As for this blog, this is where I provide proofreading, editing, and content writing services to anyone in need. I have more than two years of experience as a writer, and am currently working on my first unpublished (yet!) novel. I also make it easier to understand literature, either by reviews or analysis, because I simply cannot stop talking about books, and plus it would help you. All you’ve got to do is e-mail me about the work you want read, edited, or written, with the price you’re willing to offer, and we’ll form a friendly work contract.

Also, feel free to take up some space on this blog to share YOUR content – we will all share the love for reading and writing that we have, and then praise each other for the great people that we are! We celebrate here all sorts of beautiful arts that involve words, and this is not just my blog – YOU can be a part of it, too, by submitting a contribution at Stuff YOU write!